Eat Me

It must be stated that there are no health hazards associated with eating Julie Peters blood as it is fully cooked. In accordance to European law it is not illegal to prepare, handle or consume human blood.


900g Human blood
300g Oatmeal
300g Spelt flour
250g Raisins
300g Appels cubed
4 tsp Salt
4 tsp Ground cloves
4 tsp Ground cinnamon
4 tsp Ground cardamom
1 L Milk

All ingredients are stirred together in a bowl and thereafter poured into a loaf tin. The tin is placed in the oven with a water bath at the bottom of the oven and baked for 1 and a half hour. The first 20 minutes – or until the water bath boils – at 200 degrees then turn it down to 150 degrees. When baked leave to cool, thereafter cut the human blood sausage in slices and fry in butter. Enjoy with apple sauce, sugar and cinnamon.