DRAW intends to ruminate over invisible borders that are concrete and impossible to break through. At the same time it is a research in how to visually reflect the conduct of movement over time.

The installation consist of a neoprene hood, connected with polyester rope, running to the walls through pulleys, ending on a cardboard plate – with a graphite pen in the middle, which is attached to the wall with rubber bands.

When one puts on the hood and moves around, the 3D movements are drawn on the wall in 2D. The movements have no visible borders, but as the rubber bands tighten they restrict the movement. The boundary of movement is limited to the strength of ones body. As the installation is put to use, the limits of the movement are mapped on the wall and the very outer positions are reflected at the top of the drawing on the wall.

The installation always comes back to the center, from where the next boundary testing movement begins.

A videodocumentation of DRAW can be seen at www.juliepeter.dk