• 2024 She Walked Like She Had Dirty Hands, Hilleckes Gallery – Berlin, DE (Solo)
  • 2023 Lost far from home, Riises Landsted – Copenhagen, DK
  • 2023 Enter Art Fair, Formation Gallery – Copenhagen, DK
  • 2023 Farveaffekt, Kunstbygningen i Vrå/Engelundsamlingen – Vrå, DK
  • 2022 Salondergegenwart – Hamburg, DE
  • 2022 Positions, Berlin Art Fair – Berlin, DE
  • 2022 Yet Yet, Kühlhaus – Berlin, DE
  • 2021 Ipso Facto, Kühlhaus – Berlin, DE
  • 2020 OH, Kupprion – Singen, DE
  • 2019 Wechselraum, Mein Blau – Berlin, DE
  • 2018 Living/Leaving, Art Week – Berlin, DE
  • 2018 Eat Me, Kulturfolger – Zürich, CH (Solo)
  • 2017 Edge.Piraeus, Kastela Art Center – Athens, GR
  • 2017 Soft bounderies, Metamatic TAF – Athens, GR
  • 2017 Early Days. Pavilion Kreuzberg – Berlin, DE
  • 2017 Meet More Critics. Pavilion Kreuberg – Berlin, DE
  • 2016 A Simple Task. Pavilion Kreuzberg – Berlin, DE
  • 2016 Kessel Museum – Berlin, DE
  • 2015 Umga plast, Weissensee – Berlin, DE
  • 2015 The sun exploded before we found out it would – Nida, LT
  • 2014 Emotional tracking – Freies Museum – Berlin, DE

Julie Peter - Foto Lasse Flæng


Julie Peters works explores the absurd in the normal through objects, moods and spaces, whose ironic distance is left as dreaming comments to the norms of everyday life.

Her works sometimes emits a cold and latent violence and a seductiveness, based only on personal associations and formal analogies, which urge the audience to make new personal contextualizations. Directly responding to the surroundings she uses everyday experiences as a starting point, to sculpture the moments that underlines the human drama.

The work confront the binaries we constantly make between Self and Other, between our own ‘ruffian’ and ‘educated’ selves. She finds that the contradictions between believe and behavior expose an implicit awkwardness, a humor that mirror our own vulnerabilities.

Julie Peter has a Master of Arts from Weissensee Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin, and a BA from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.